Descubra Relojes Rolex - Joyería Grassy Madrid, Spain
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Gran vía

Joyería grassy

Built between 1916 and 1917, considered one of Madrid architectural jewels, it was the first building in the city with duplex housings. It has plenty of ornamental elements such as the colourful ceramics on the tympanums of the upper section and it is known as “Grassy building” since the opening of the jewellery in 1953.

This landmark building, involuntary icon of the city, houses one of the most spectacular Rolex corners along Europe: the rotunda, launched in 2009.

Full refurbished in 2017, the rotunda embraces the visitants who feel totally immersed in the Rolex world. The excellent materials complete the visitor experience.

The green colour details, the warm tones of the brass and the soft cream shade on the surfaces help to create a relaxing and quiet atmosphere. Clients can enjoy the choice of their watch from beginning to end.