Olivia Ferreira

Time lapse of a `mise en scène´ Grassy´s building facade is being restored. We greet you the new Year with this flip book by artist Olivia Ferreira.

Alberto Moreno

On the 2017 Christmas card, Grassy appears to be floating at night guarded by the seahorses. The idea surged from Alberto Moreno’s sketch for the opening of Gran Via 1. Thanks to the Artists generosity many of the illustrations he drew for Grassy during the 1950 decade have been recovered.

Narelle Jubelin

The 2007 Christmas card was made by Narelle Jubelin. A representation of the Gran Via 1 building embroidered in petit point.

Patricia Reznak and Luis Asín

The first Christmas card with the building as the main protagonist is “Tormenta de nieve” (Snow storm) a drawing by Patricia Reznak on a photo by Luis Asín.

María Gimeno

“Navidad encontrada” (Christmas Found) proposed by María Gimeno in 2008 recreated the Gran Via 1 building utilizing debris collected in Havana between the 26th and the 30th of October 2008

Grassy with “la Roja”

In an attempting to get involved in important moments the country was going through, Grassy represented the popular clamour arising from the Spanish teams victory during the Southafrica World football cup in front of Gran via 1. A drawing by Patricia Reznak on a photo by Pedro Albornoz.

Gloria Oyarzabal

“Time, fragmented, dissected, hidden, found and forgotten. (Des)medido (unmeasured). Stolen, loaned or lost, recovered, shared and given away. Melodious, harmonious, and synfonic. Fluid. Travelling, dreaming, reminiscing y conserved. Desired and seduced. Enjoyed. Mad timekeepers. Gloria Oyarzabal went on this journey in the core of time the experience of which resulted in this flip-book.

Sandra Rein

In 2009 artist Sandra Rein executed a piece representing the Gran Via 1 building with a single line as though it were lace. The Christmas card was reproduced on paper from a hand cut out of the original. In collaboration with the Egam Gallery.

Pedro Martinez Albornoz

The photographer documented Eugenio Ampudias’ action of a fire of the facade at Gran Via 1 during the opening party of the Rolex Rotunda on the 1st and 2nd of December 2009.

Rocio Rein

In 2013 the mythic photograph of Gran Via 1 taken by Catalá Roca was delicately reproduced on felt by Rocío Rein, who interpreted it in a unique schematic rendering.

Nuria Mora

2015 Christmas card image was an extension of the kaleidoscopic colouristic and geometric shapes that at that time the artist Nuria Mora painted on Grassy’s metal shutters.

Rosario Belda

Rosario Belda, Galician artist after observing maps and realities in the area of Gran Via 1 designed a tree with deep roots in the building, This is a piece made by embroidering on a soluble fabric. The greeting card is a print on Japanese paper with a star screen printed in gold. 1000 prints were produced in the workshop belonging to Manolo Gordillo and Tres+1 .

My neighbour´s Kitchen

To celebrate Grassy’s 100th anniversary La cocina de mi vecina baked a cake in the shape of Gran Via 1,the bottom layer was made of pumpkin sponge with cinnamon clove and ginger and the remaining floors were “red velvet” cocoa and vanilla. All the facade cladding and elements were made of differently coloured fondant. The ceramics, the clock and the zodiac signs were hand painted with edible paint. Fictitious candles by Miguel Ordoñez. Photographed by Massimiliano Pollés in the Grassy museum.