GRASSY & REZNAK Gran Vía 1 - Grassy
7 November, 2016


It is not a catalogue but a book on jewelry and about the relationship Grassy’s creative director, Patricia, and their clients have with jewels.
Encouraged by her enthusiasm, Patricia decided to ask her clients and family members to pose with their jewels for the photographer Adrián Cañameras. Journalist Ana Dominguez interviewed Patricia, who spoke about her creations, on the one hand, and some of the people portrayed who described their relationship with jewelry. The text “Memoirs and secrets” is an exercise which hides all the ins and outs and intimacies which the wearers share with their jewels. “Jewelry is infinitely rich and there are many ways in which one can deal with it….it is not really a book on jewelry but a book about ‘the people who wear it’. I contacted the clients who had bought them and listened to the relationship they had with them. To see the jewels again and listen to their accounts was as surprising as resuming an old friendship” Is Patricia Reznak’s explanation on the book.