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Sir Anthony Caro “One of the greatest sculptors of the XXth century, the artist Sir Anthony Caro (London, 1924-2013) designed two jewelry collections for Grassy. The first one coinciding with his retrospective in the IVAM in Valencia and a second one in 2008. Anthony Caro's jewels are unique pieces, signed and certified, of which there are no available pieces. They are silver and gold pieces with a matt finish produced in Francisco Pachecos workshop in Madrid. For the English sculptor, the scale was a mental approach not a physical one, so he applied the same attitude to the small pieces of jewelery than to his large sculptures. Anthony executed them in the same manner in which he approaches a large scale piece, with no drawings, making models with whatever was at hand, creating these jewels whose primary importance are the abstract forms and not the intrinsic value of the metal. See Anthony Caro I catalogue of the collection See Anthony Caro II catalogue of the collection
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