What began in 1861 in Schramberg with the founding of the company, has quickly evolved into one of the most fascinating success stories of the watch industry alemana.El commitment to the installation site of production is clear and visible in each one brand watches Junghans
However varied, the Junghans program follows a maxim. combine traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing watchmaking technology and exciting design. This makes each unique watches with the star to be proud of.
In 1955 the newly-established Bundeswehr had a requirement for a service watch for its pilots. The order was won by Junghans, which designed the watch with its dodecagonal bezel. The design of the Meister Pilot is based upon this. 43,3mm steel case, bi-directional turning bezel and automatic movement.
Not only does the Meister Driver display the time, it also evokes an entire era: the early years of modern motoring, a time of great technological pioneers. Like no other watch, the Meister Driver combines the distinctive charm of these automobiles with our passion for mechanical timepieces. 37,7mm steel case with screwed case back.
As one of the most extraordinary designers of the last century, the architect, painter, sculptor and product designer Max Bill left behind an extensive life’s work, including one of the most fascinating watch collections of recent decades. Polished ice blue dial in a 34mm steel case with manual movement.

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