Anthony Caro 

In February 2006, the Grassy jewelry firm in Madrid presented its first exhibition of jewels by British sculptor Sir Anthony Caro. Two and a half years later, during which time his creative activity had been quite frantic, the  artist conceived a second collection, this time consisting of 19 unique pieces in gold and silver.

Grassy is once again collaborating with Sir Anthony Caro, with stronger ties than ever and greater involvement in the creative process and the making of pieces of jewelry. In this way Grassy continues its policy of support for and promotion of art, encouraging artists to venture into the magic world of jewelry.

The collection was displayed at the Grassy premises at Gran Vía from November 6th to January 20th.

The collection went to Valencia from January 29th, to March 29th, 2009 in order to take part in the exhibition “Joyas del Arte Moderno” at EMAT (the Torrent Metropolitan Space for Contemporary Art).

  Catálogo Joyas de Anthony Caro I - pdf        Catálogo de Anthony Caro II - pdf

Joyas de Anthony Caro 2006

Joyas de Anthony Caro 2008