The junction between Gran Vía and Alcalá Street forms the corner of the “Grassy Building” – so called since 1952 when the Grassy jewelry shop was installed at No.1 and came to be of one of Madrid’s most characteristic images.

This emblematic prow has been photographed and reproduced by the most well-known artists ever since the Gran Vía was built 100 years ago. The neon signs of the brands of watches on the façade of the building have told the story of this family business: the first importers of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Audemars Piguet, the exclusive distributors of Piaget and Baume & Mercier and the official agents of Rolex…

But Grassy’s history goes much further back into the past. Its founder, Alexandre Grassy, the descendant of a family of goldsmiths from Milan, was born in Algiers, settled in Río de Janeiro, Paris and Biarritz, and then arrived in Spain in the twenties.

Grassy started to attain prominence on the Gran Vía in 1929 with the founding of the Union Relojera Suiza. (the Swiss Watchmakers’ Union) at  No. 29.  This flourishing business, which had the largest workshop in Madrid with more than 80 watchmakers, introduced the great Swiss brands into Spain for the first time.

Twenty years later the firm took possession of the most elegant corner in the city: Grassy opened its new headquarters at No.1, Gran Vía in 1952 and inaugurated the Antique Clocks and Watches Museum. The second generation then took over the family business under the management of Jorge Reznak, the founder’s son-in-law.

An exclusive business is now conducted on these premises that are exquisitely decorated with Italian stuccos, frescos and terrazzo floor tiles.

The large plate-glass windows show off the different brands of clocks, watches and jewelry, delicately displayed together with 19th century objets d’art, in the only place in Madrid with such offerings.

The collection of Antique Clocks and Watches, consisting of items of great interest of French, English and German make dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, is exhibited in the cellar.

Yann Reznak, the founder’s grandson, joined the business in the eighties, and the firm became part of the “Golden Mile” by opening a new, more modern establishment at No. 17, José Ortega y Gasset Street..


Yann Reznak and his sister Patricia currently manage the company with the same pioneering spirit that has always prevailed at Grassy.

The main establishments on Gran Vía and Ortega y Gasset provide ideal settings for viewing watchmaking at its best. It is here that the high quality sought by Yann Reznak is best seen, in the form of his detailed knowledge of the top brands and the keen instinct that enables him to discover new companies. The watches for sale at Grassy range from fashion brands such as Bell & Ross or Ralf Tech to those intended for the great collectors who delight in the complicated watchmaking practiced by F.P. Journe and Chronoswiss.

The jewelry designed in-house -- including revivals from the sixties and seventies and the high-quality pieces designed by Patricia Reznak – evoke the past and the future of the firm.

Moreover, as a reflection of the enterprising nature of the company, Grassy has inaugurated a space for Art by collaborating with young designers and artists of recognized talent. It has thereby created a jewelry business that is one of its kind and at the same time demonstrates a feature of the family heritage: a sensitivity capable of tuning into and promoting new forms of artistic expression.